Our ministry team is made up of five couples, all of whom have made a long-term commitment to the spiritual growth and development of the teens of Grace Chapel. We work closely with the Elders and Pastoral team to minister to kids in Grades 7-12.

The primary focus of our ministry time with the teens is the teaching and application of God’s word. We utilize several series and teachers to accomplish this goal. Our group works through many in-depth studies throughout the year. We also have a small group on Sunday nights each spring. We find that one of our greatest joys, as leaders, is fellowshipping with, listening to, praying for, and teaching the teens in these types of settings.

We also try to provide our teens the opportunity to serve at the church and in the community. Whether it is raking yards, serving at women’s shelters or food pantries, or providing car washes for our senior saints, we feel that it is our job to be shoulder-to-shoulder with the students, modeling joyful and faithful service.

Finally, we provide the teenagers with opportunities to have fun! Each year we build a calendar full of opportunities such as volleyball games, canoeing, campfires, game nights, and retreats. We genuinely hope that our teens will learn the value of having brothers and sisters in Christ as their best friends.